What is 24k gold skincare?
24K Gold skincare is a light weight 24K gold serum or 24K gold cream or 24K gold cleanser or 24k gold mask.
How to use 24k gold skincare?
Wash the facial skin with a quality cleanser. Apply the 24K Gold skincare such as 24K Gold serum or 24K gold moisturizer onto facial skin by massaging with a small amount of gold serum or gold cream onto facial skin in a circular motion several times.
How antioxidants work for skin?
Antioxidant help to combat free radicals that are generated from inflammation causing pigmentation issue. Antioxidants manage the cellular mechanism which affects skin aging. Antioxidants have the ability to stop free radicals spinning out of control which is the cause of aging.
Where do antioxidants come from?
Antioxidants come from vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A